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THE (Downloadable) RESET JOURNAL

THE (Downloadable) RESET JOURNAL

Print a copy off for personal use every year or as needed!


This journal brings mindset, faith and vision together in one powerful bite-sized journal. It's kinda like a few coaching sessions in one handy resource!


The Reset Journal is the secret weapon you need when you decide it's time for a new chapter to begin in your life. 


AND you'll also gain access to The Reset Collective, a facebook group which provides guides and tips for completing your journal, or a place to ask questions and engage with fellow growth oriented believers.


Included in this three-part guided journal:


  • powerful questions and exercises designed to heal and empower
  • a step by step guide to reveal your season's spiritual purpose
  • exercises to help you dream and create intention in four key areas
  • inspiring quotes and scripture

This 100 page guided journal can be completed over a few days or a few weeks and will prepare you for entering a new season with intention and purpose.



- Digital purchase is for personal use only and may not be shared, reproduced or resold

- Print for as low as $9.98 at your local printer - unlimited personal prints! 

- You will be offered a download link upon purchase and emailed a link which will expire in 30 days

- Lost links cannot be reissued

- You can choose to print in A5 or A4!

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